The Beginning of the Pursuit of Dreams, from the Workforce


As my eldest graduated college last year, because he was overweight, he’d skipped his draft calls, and went straight into the workforce.  He’d sent in over ten résumés, but, only one company called him for an interview, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the job.  My son told me he was sad, I’d told him not to worry, that the most important thing now for him, was to lose weight, because after he’d gotten his health in check, he can then, face up to the challenges in his life.

And so, my son went on his diets, and looked for work, but, he just couldn’t get the chance to get interviews, I’d asked him why these corporation had not given him a chance?  He’d told me, that he was with NO work experiences, NO certifications.  I’d recalled how I’d once gone through my job search with the employment center, and told him to go to the center to get registered.  He’d gone, and filled out the application for a worker, but the people at the office told him, that he was part-timing, and with a college degree, that it’d be a waste, the worker suggested that he’d apply for job trainings hosted by the government: encouraging those who are fresh in the workforce, to up their abilities; it’d offered youths from ages eighteen to twenty-nine, who had served their army terms, or exempt from serving, money, for training, up to $120,000N.T.

For this training, you could pay a fee, to take the courses, and, after you’d finished the courses, you can take the receipts to the government, to ask for tuition supplementing.  After my son learned of this, he’d immediately signed up, and, was prepared to get his certification in six months.  I’d recalled how he’d wanted to own a computer shop when he was younger, and now, he’s marching towards his dreams.  The assistance of $120,000N.T., gave way to the start of a young man’s dreams, it’s enough!  We saw how our son was willing to take this first step out, we feel very proud of him.

My son told us, that among his classmates, who’d looked for a job in a hurry, and ended up working for a falsified company, and in the end, not only did he not earn anything, he’d also gotten sued, and must pay fines; and, there was one, who’d crushed his pinky at work.  I felt so awful for them after I’d heard, I’d told my son, that he needed not worry about our finances, just go for his dreams, and not care how much wages his boss paid him, and ask himself, how many Ks am I worth?

A certain entrepreneur said, that entering the workforce at the age of twenty-three is simply too cruel, but, I think otherwise.  Because you’re young, and you can withstand your failed attempts, after several failures, my twenty-three year-old son would know, what his goals in life are, and what skills he needed to hone up on.

And so, this, is a great way, to encourage the younger generations, but, most parents are pressing their young, to GO find work, after graduation, after all, the parents are worried about their offspring’s futures, but hey, your children’s futures are already SET, and, you parents, worrying over what their plans are for the future is not going to help their transitions into adulthood easier, so, just let go already, because, everything HAS its time, just like the above had proven!

Is the Degree Really Useless?

Views on life, translated…

My students told me something odd; he’d wanted to take the government position exams, and, after he’d passed, he’d planned to drop out of school and start working, then, used his time being employed, to study, and finish up his college education, and work on the level examinations, then, work at government post until he retires.

What I was shocking was, that this student was originally, the most outstanding student of the class, he’d originally planned to take the judgeship examinations after he graduated from college, so, where did this huge change in him come from?

Turns out, other than the influences from his family, the society also had a huge impact on him, changing his mind.  How was he supposed to live off of just 20K a month?  Plus, if he wants to finish his college education, he still had to pay up his student loans for the four years, and so, he was hurried, to get himself into the workforce, so he could lessen the economic strains on his own family, as well as himself too.  I wanted to ask him, that if this, was actually what he wanted to do, or, was he pressed, by the economics?

Actually, his decision had made me feel, recalling how back in my twenties, I was, a carefree college student, although I’d nickeled and dimed my way through school, at least, I had no worries for my future, believed, that after I’d graduated, I should be able to find a job, I need to enjoy living, as a college student for the moment!

And still, with the changes that comes, the environment is no longer the same, and, the thoughts changed too, and, this current generation is filled with the uncertainties of the future.  I’d wanted to tell him, that college is for discoveries, and to contemplate one’s own future, it shouldn’t be a stepping stone to a job; there’s a lot of experiences to be had, and one must take advantage of it.  The early onset of being pressured by the economic burdens can cause one to forget about the passions one once held, and, end up, missing out, on this beautiful time of learning altogether.

And so, this student is focused on getting himself into a government post, as having a government post means that you’re SET for life, and that, would be the direction where a lot of the students now are working towards, and, they FAILED to realize, that college is a time for exploration, your last year of learning, after all, once you’re out of college, you’ll be, bombarded with the demands of the adulthood years, and, if you didn’t take full advantage of those schooling years, then, you will, end up regretting it.


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