My Father Started Having an Affair as an Elderly Man

Like I said, NO matter how old they get, a Q&A, translated…

Ms. U Wrote…

Her seventy-something elderly father, about a year ago, had another woman, he’d gotten into the affair very much so, he’d turned her household upside down, her mother had already developed depressive symptoms because of this and needed several kinds of medication every week, her body couldn’t possibly handle it.  What if her mother falls down first, how will the children feel.  But, they couldn’t come up with a method, and she needed some professional assistance.

My Advice

Ms. U’s father is in his seventy, so, her mother must be at about seventy too!  Feeling jealous over such matters, it don’t matter the age, it can still, drive you nuts, and, make you sink deeper into the matters.

U’s mother had been beside her father since her younger years, accompanied him through the hard times, and, finally, she’d managed to raise their grandchildren, at this time, she should be relaxing, and living off easily, naturally, she feels uneven, that her husband spent ALL of his attention on his spare, and, he’d even given the other woman a LOT of his money too, and, I would imagine, that her mother must’ve had huge fights over the matter with her father too.

But, the results of the fights wouldn’t be that much either, because the father had already become careless about his house, and would often cuss his wife out, and, his heart is still with his spare, spent all his money on her.  Which meant, that the family’s arguments with him on the matter did nothing, it’d only made him angry, the mother depressed, and the children, worried.

As the eldest sister, Ms. U, you must console your mother to take care of herself, to just, let your father be, but, the mother is stubborn too, couldn’t take this advice.  U and her younger brother is clueless on what they can do.

I think, U and her younger brother should be in their thirties too?  This matter, even IF the children are all grown, they can only console their mother to let go, and allow fate to take its toll; if your mother wouldn’t take your advice, then, there’s nothing you can do.  U’s mother had caused herself to be ill, and, the father who’s having an affair outside would not at all, care, and he’d even feel, that his wife was only making troubles for him.

I think, could U and her brother be also worried, that their father may be spending ALL his money on his spare too?  This matter, they must consult an attorney on, to see, if there are ways, to salvage.

And so, this still just shows, NO matter how old they are, they’re still sons-of-bitches, and, this man had, disregarded the feelings of his own wife who’d worked hard beside him through his harder times, she’d STUCK by his side when they were younger, and now, as he’d gotten old, perhaps, he feels, that he has the right to live for himself, and that, is where this elderly man becomes too selfish, and, there’s nothing the children CAN do, but to console their mother, to let it go, after all, it’s NOT our problem, to SOLVE our parents’ emotional problems, and what goes on between them, is it?  Nope!


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