Learn to Let Go

On the philosophies of life, translated…

Q: Mr., Mr., isn’t it dangerous, to let go of the motorcycle handlebars when you ride?

A: I’m still so very young, and you call me an old man?  Dangerous?  You, pulling me over, all of a sudden for an interview, that, is dangerous!

Q: So, what, exactly, are you doing?

A: Learning to let go, can’t you see?  Aren’t you, younger kids always saying, how letting go IS the show of true love?  So, I’m trying it out.

Q: Aren’t you afraid of a crash though?

A: If I were afraid, then, I couldn’t, let go!  Get OVER to the side, let me show you how to stand on one wheel!  And, just like that, the older man fell into the patches, as he’d yelped out in pain, he’d said, “I really, really miss her………”

Seems that he was deeply hurt

But he said, that it felt amazing, to let himself go, at least, he’d still feel the pains, and, knowing that there’s pains, his heart is not dead.

And so, this “exercise”, is used, to feel, because perhaps, the man had lost someone he loved, and, he felt numbed out, and, he’d wanted to get his sensations back, that, was why he was daring, to hurt himself, so he knows, that his heart is still not yet dead, even AFTER the loss of someone he cared about and loved deeply.


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