In Handling of the Elderly, Caring is Not the Only Method, You Must Use Some Kind Tricks as Well

Techniques must be utilized here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of research statistics, in a decade’s time, Taiwan will march into a nation, composed of elderly people.  One in every four people here will be sixty-five and older.  And, due to the low birth rate, Taiwan’s population growth had become negative, and so, we must prepare early, otherwise, depending on foreign hired helps to care for our aging elderly is not a long-term solution, and once the foreign hired helps are retreated, the elderly in Taiwan may be left, all alone.

The markets for elderly, other than the retirement villages, the nursing homes, there’s this pressing need for care centers, like a “daycare for elderly persons”, and this, would be the direction of caring of the elderly population in the futures; and, on the front of home care, we can take after Japan, with the staff members from the hospitals to make home visits, and, considering how able-bodied the elderly are, and, assign the needed level of assistance to them.

The hospitals across the nation are filled with elderly people every single day, picking up medications, lucky are those elderly who can still go to the hospitals for the doctors’ visits, but, what of those elderly who are immobilized?  Take for instance, Japan, because of the limited resources, and staffs available, the hospitals are sending doctors to the homes to make the visits, to treat the elderly persons.  This method is similar to how the doctors made their rounds in the distant regions, or the midwives, heading into the homes, to help with births.

There is a great demand for the personnel for elderly care in Japan, and yet, they’d placed a restriction for the foreign bedside assistants, primarily, because the foreigners may have communication difficulties with the elders.  The caretakers of the elderly in Japan must pass through a series of examinations, tests, before they’re able to be hired.  The industries are now, starting to pay more attention to the care of elderly, for instance, the Benesse Company of Japan, which originally made items, tailored to the needs of young children, are now, involved, in the setting up of nursing homes for the elderly, to provide a higher level of care; and, the Watami Restaurant got involved in the deliveries of meals on wheels for the elderly, with the fifty, sixty year old aging persons, making the deliveries for the elderly of ages seventies, eighties, because there would be no gaps between the generations; the Sanko Group set up the Sanko School, to train workers in the areas of childcare and elderly care.

Taiwan is primarily relying on foreign hired helpers to care for the elderly, but, there’s a risk, once the legislatures are amended, the foreign hired helpers would be forced out, or that they wouldn’t want to come, then, what, happens to the elderly, waiting to be looked after?  And so, in the areas of elderly care, the government must come up with policies, that fitted the needs of the modern day world, so the younger generations wouldn’t have to head back to their hometowns, to care for their ailing, and aging parents.  Especially, the elderly may have different levels of dementia, without a person close by, watching them every day, they may get into trouble, or get lost.

In the caretaking of the elderly population, I would suggest, that the government needed to give out incentives, and encourage the local enterprises to get more involved, there’s an endless potential of elderly as consumers, and, set up the “temptation factors”, so the enterprises feel that they are not tied up and bound, if they get involved in the market of older adults, so they’d be more willingly, to get involved.

Based off of the situation here in Taiwan right now, the bar for entering the servicing of elderly is quite high, and the government must lead the bigger enterprises to get involved first.  For instance, the government can find land, and, the enterprises can get into building elderly care centers in the communities, and the locations would be close to where the elderly persons lived, that way, the elderly wouldn’t feel estranged in an unfamiliar environment.  From before, the elderly would often reject moving from their homes, into nursing homes, or the need to sell their old home, to move into the nursing homes, making them start over in a brand new way of life, making adjustment more difficult for them.

And, the nursing homes should not be set up in the distant mountains, that would make the elderly people who live their feel like they were exiled, and their families may only be able to go and visit, every once in a long while, for the elderly, this, would make them feel awful.  Actually, in Japan, and Australia, they’d started setting up the nursing homes near the metro areas, where transportation is available, for instance, right next to the MRT stations, so the children of the elderly can go visit them often.

I lived next to a temple when I was younger, and, right next to the temple, was an old folks’ home, and, there would be elderly men and women who’d waken me up, at five in the morn, to go out on strolls with them, because children and older adults are naturally matched with each other.  And so, it would be great, if the government can rebuild the torn down schools into nursing homes, to set it up as a care center for the community; and train the younger generations, and, the technical schools should also have related majors, to connect the industry, with the schools, so the students can make what they learned into good use.

There is a company that used ozone to kill the germs, that are involved in the bathing industries for older adults, because the elderly have mobility difficulties, the company had that set up the bath to have a door, and, after the door opens, and the elderly gets in, then, the bathwater with ozone is pumped into the tub, and, it can quickly disinfect the elderly, to reduce the chances of them, getting infected by bacteria of viruses.

Death, is something we all must face, the Japanese television programs would often televise educational programs on how elderly are dealing with death, telling the older adults in the population, what they need to prepare themselves for, upon entering into nursing homes, or how to plan out their final affairs beforehand, at the same time, you can start looking into the companies, or people who are involved in such matters.  Through the televised programming, the elderly will take it to be normal, and, thus, reject talking about the matters less.

Looking at Taiwan, we have difficulties, talking of death, we refused to face, to prepare for it, and once it happens, there would often be disagreements, and difficulties.  We shouldn’t just care for the elderly in the population now, we must use tactics, to get through to them.

Caring for the elderly, must occur through the levels of the psychological, facilities, caretakers, as well as the organizations, we must examine each of these areas closely and thoroughly, and find the best possible way, prepare ahead of times, so, we can be better prepared, for the coming of the age of the elderly populations.

This, is all on readiness, and, the writer is right, on the matter, that you can’t just offer the care, you must also, find ways that are more viable, but because, here, there’s almost NO resources, not enough trained people who can take care of the elderly population, we are, relying on the foreign hired helps…


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