Going Home to Eat Dinner with the Parents, on Parent-Child Interaction

Let’s see what’s SERVING, on the supper tables here, translated…

My coworker, Maple, every time after class, would rush off, when we wanted to discuss something with her, or, carry on in casual conversations, she’d already, disappeared.  Several times, I’d wanted to ask her, what’s the hurry?

One day, I’d finally found the time, and, I’d asked Maple.  She’d told me very softly, that she’d had to rush off to date an old lover, that, was why she was always, hurried.

“Dating an old lover?  Ms. You’re already a mother of two, you have the GUTS, still carrying on with an old flame!  Aren’t you afraid, that your husband might find out?”, I’d gone off on her.

Maple saw the shocked look on my face, she started laughing, “What are you thinking of?  I’m talking about my parents, not my ex-lovers!”, after hearing Maple’s explanations, I’d bashfully told her my apologies.

Turns out, Maple and her siblings are all away from home regularly, none of them lived at home, and, there were just her father and her mother.  And because of this, after Maple married, she’d bought a house close to her parents, so she could look after them.

Once, Maple decided to head home, it was right around supper time.  And because she’d finished her work, she’d left early, and, she’d gone home, saw that there were pickled items on her parents’ supper table, that they didn’t have any fresh foods, she felt awful.

After she’d returned home, Maple told herself, that every evening, she must go back home, to have supper with her parents.  After she’d had the thought, she’d told her husband her decision, hoping he’d support her decisions, in the end, her husband was very supportive, she was moved.

And so, every single night, Maple and her family would head over to her parents’ house, and, have a “dinner date” with her parents.  And, although they don’t have the delicacies on the supper tables, but, every dish, her mother made with her heart, and, every time, Maple would finish everything off her plates, and, wanted more, and slowly, the smiles returned back to her parents’ faces.  More importantly, her father no longer just dozed off on the couch, and her mother no longer felt sore all over either, because now, they’d worked hard, to think of what to serve up, and, they’d gone shopping together too, that, was what Maple never expected.

This still just shows, how much your elderly parents needed your accompaniments, but because you’re WAY too busy, making your ends meet up, you failed to realize, that your parents needed you, unlike this woman had, and, you will end up with, a TON of regrets later on…


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