Igniting the Desires to Learn in Children

This, is probably, one of the MOST important tasks of a teacher, then again, what the HELL would I know???  I’m NOT a teacher or nothing (and your point being???) like that…

Igniting the desires to learn in children, here, you, the ADULTS are taking, a “backseat”, in the learning progressions of your young, because, you’re letting them LEAD you.

Igniting the desires to learn in children, this, IS an all-too-important value to instill in the young, because, IF the kids don’t even have the desire to learn, then, how the HELL you gonna be able to POUND those lessons into their heads?  And, this desire to learn in children should be ignited, as young as possible, like in the early years, and yet, how many parents out there, took the time, to accompany, to observe, to WATCH your young, as they started exploring their external environments?  Uh, that’s still, NOT very many, and the reason being???  Oh yeah, we HAVE to work, to PROVIDE for that kid, whom we intend, to send off into private school starting in the pre-K years, all the way, through to college.

Igniting the desires to learn in children, it’s NOT as difficult as you may imagine, sometimes, all it takes, is some accompaniment, answering their childish inquiries, be patient, as they take their time, growing up, using THEIR own paces, so, DON’T PUSH them, they still only got that ONE childhood, parents, and, you’d lost yours already, don’t make them lose theirs too!!!


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