The T.A. with the Heart of an Angel, the Features of a Woman


Close to midlife, one day, after two years of getting laid off, I’d gotten a phone call, it was from a certain public university, inviting me to become a research assistant to a certain graduate school.  This new job came as a surprise, and, it’d kept me on edge too, I’d worked hard, to face all the challenges that came my way.

Gladly, there was a teaching assistant with the heart of an angel in our office, she’s an understanding, beautiful, and slender middle aged woman, would often help us out passionately, and, she’d asked those whom she didn’t know well how they’re doing too.  On everything, big or small, so long as she’s around, we all felt, quite at ease.

Recalled how when I first came to the school to work, I’d often needed to deliver notes for the professors, or handle the multiple affairs, I wasn’t at all, familiar with the large campus, this angelic teaching assistant would log online, and help me get a map of the school, and teach me which paths to take, so I can get there the quickest.

Our office is on the sixth floor, and, during the summers, the elevator would wreak of a bad smell, the angelic teaching assistant would always hang two sets of ylang ylang she’d bought from the old lady at the cross sections outside the school.  On the one hand, the ylang ylang flower can help chase away the rancid smell of the elevator.

I’d heard, that the angelic teaching assistant would head over to the orphanages to volunteer on weekends and in her time off, her selfless giving, really is amazing.  Other than doing good deeds silently, she is also, very kind toward her own parents, every year, she’d taken the advantage of her long vacations, to take them on trips abroad.

The angelic teaching assistant is gentle and kind in treating others, would often wear a smile on her face, making people feel her warmth and kindness, we’d all called her the angel T.A.; we all knew, that because our angel T.A. cared too much about others, that she didn’t have time, to date anybody.

In this brand new year, I pray to the heavens, that she could meet Mr. Right, and that she has a happy life too.

So, this woman, she gave to everybody around her, without wanting or expecting anything in return, and, it’s her kind nature that’s touched a lot of people, and, because of her kindness, people around her also reciprocated the kindness back to her too.


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