When Your Dementia Became My Punishment

STRAINS on the primary CARETAKER here!!!

When your dementia became MY punishment, but, what’d I EVER do???  I had always be the child who gave you NO troubles at all, and now, as you’d become demented, you’re left in my care?  What of my other siblings?  Oh yeah, they all made the excuses of having to work, having too much to handle, but, what about ME?  I have a LOT to handle too, just because I’m unwed, without a family I needed to care for, that still doesn’t make me the BUTT of everything, does it?

When your dementia became MY punishment, but, I didn’t even DO anything wrong!  So, why am I being punished, by your dementia?  Because my older siblings won’t take the responsibilities of caring for you, and, I don’t feel right, just, dumping you in that darkened nursing home, and so, I’d, shouldered it all on.

When your dementia became MY punishment, sometimes, although I know I shouldn’t feel like this, but, I do, I wish, that you can just, DIE, but, you just won’t, you’re still healthy, in ALL other sense, it’s just, that you’re slowly, declining, in your mental capabilities is all…

When your dementia became MY punishment, I really don’t want to shoulder the responsibilities, and, my older brothers and younger sister all come to visit, sure, but, I’m the one who’s there, to STAY, they all get to go home, at the end of the day, but, I can’t, because this, IS my home, and, you’re living WITH me!!!



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