Peter Pan is Gone…

So, where did that LEADER of the Lost Boy go???  Did he finally, GROW UP?

Peter Pan is gone, Wendy woke, to her younger brother’s hollers, and, soon, she’d gone with them, to search, for that final, lost boy!  They first, searched the pirates’ ship, that they took, to ride back, into the REAL world, nope, he wasn’t there, not on deck, NOT below!

Peter Pan is gone, and, he can’t be found, because, the LEADER of the Lost Boys had lost HIS purpose, for he no longer lives, in NEVERLAND anymore.  Wendy took HIM back, into the REALITY of things, her WORLD…

Peter Pan is gone, now, where’d that little boy who REFUSED to let reality tie him down go?  We’d all wondered.  And, we searched, hi, and lo too, for him, but, still, he was, NOWHERE to be found, it’s, as if, he never even,, existed, at all, but, we ALL remembered him, don’t we, boys and girls?  We sure do!

Peter Pan is gone, perhaps, it was him, who got eaten, by that crocodile, in that very LAST duel with Hook, and, the croc stopped being so stubborn, on his diet, he’d settled, for Peter Pan, instead of waiting endlessly, for Hook?  Who knows.

Peter Pan is gone, and, nobody knows where he went, and, when we’d asked around, nobody seemed to remember him at all, so, how come, he is still remembered, by Wendy, and her younger brothers???  Peter Pan is gone, and, in HIS place, stood that AWFUL pirate, who took children’s dreams, to FEED them, to the crocodile!


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