How the Father Became the Son…

Call it a role reversal if you want to…

The father will eventually, become the son, because as he aged, he’d become, less and less capable, of caring for himself, and slowly, he’d started, relying on his own son, to care for him, and now, the son became the father, and the father, became the son.

It’s a very slow progression, because, in his former years, the father worked really hard, to provide, for the livelihoods of his sons, bought them houses, watched them all get married, and have kids.

The father, however, became deteriorated, he’d slowly, deteriorated away, by the day, it wasn’t long, before the son can no longer care for him on his own, and so, an outside helper is hired, and yet, the father still remembers the son, NO matter how much he’d forgotten, and asked for his son all day long.

And so, the son would drop his own father off, at daycare, just as the father had done, when the son was quite young, because the son now has to work, that, is how he keeps HIS ends meet, and, paying the bills, for his elderly father’s care too.

And one day, the nursing home sent the son a notice, that they can NO longer care for his father, and so, the son went, picked his own father up, and, got him home, was ready, to care for his aging, ailing, deteriorating father on his own.

And that, would be H-O-W, your father turns into your sons, and, your sons became, your fathers, it’s all, age regression, because as we all age, we all become more and more like children, especially with how much longer people ARE currently living, there will be, a LOT more of the elderly population who became their children’s children in the future too…


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