Taking Off Your Last Name

Finally, it took me, a VERY long, long time, but, I’m finally, doing it!

Taking off your last name, it’s bound to happen, after all, we’re NO longer “bound”, as that wedding band of ours, had already been, sent into the FIRES of love, and, it still couldn’t, withstand the heat…

Taking off your last name, and, I will NEVER ever, EVER be, putting IT back on, behind my own last name again, because I have NO need to have the “title” of someone’s WIFE, and besides, these years of being married to you, well, it’s just, NO fun at all, and, I just don’t do things that are NOT fun!

Taking off your last name, because I have NO need, to belong to any family, not even yours.  Taking off your last name, as your last name’s gotten too heavy, it’d become, burdensome for me, to carry, and now, I’d stopped myself, from taking the load all in.

Taking off your last name, wow, I can finally breathe, who’d thought, right???  Turns out, what’s been suffocating me, was your love to me, which wasn’t even at all, LOVE, to begin with, and now that I’m taking off your last name, nobody ELSE’s last name will go behind MINE again!


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