Made to Sweep the Floors on My Birthday, on the Growth of a Woman

That’s a WEIRD way, to celebrate someone’s birthday, isn’t it???  Translated…

I was born, toward the end of the Lunar Calendar Year, and, I’d often spent my birthdays in the end-of-year cleaning routines.  I still recalled that one year in elementary school, after I’d passed through a long and hard day at school, at night, my mother still never stopped ranting at me, on how to sweep up the floor that I’m already sweeping up.

I’d finally had it, threw the broomstick onto the floor, called out and cried, “It’s MY birthday today!”, my mother, who was born in the year of the tiger, had never been KNOWN to back down, she’d screamed back at me, “So, you CAN’T sweep on your birthday?”

My father stepped in, to help us resolve the matter, he’d smiled and told, “I’ll go and buy the cake!”

That, was the birthday I remembered the most about as a child.  Don’t know why though, as this memory came back to me, I’d started to get red in the eyes, and felt that I was more than blessed, to be sweeping the floors on my birthday.

As a teenager, I rather not liked spending my birthdays at all, when everybody circled around me, and sang happy birthday, it made me feel so awkward.  When I was lonely at age nineteen, there was a boy who helped me celebrate my birthday from my cram school, he’d said, “you only have one birthday a year!”

I’d told him plainly, “every single day, isn’t it all, once a year too?”

The last birthday I had before I married, my mother held a party for me at the restaurant, and asked along my future in-laws too.  I realized my mother’s hidden meaning for why she did this, she hoped, that as her daughter marries over, someone from the family would still know it’s her birthday, this, was my mother’s blessing, and unwillingness, to see me go off.

On the day that my youngest son was a month old, just so happened, that it was also, my birthday, I’d returned to my mother-in-law’s house, and, there was, already a cake, waiting.  I held on to my dear son, shaved his head; my birthdays after I’d become a mother, I’d known more about being grateful.

I’m truly grateful for everything around me, that brought me so much happiness.  I’m already forty years old now, passed through my youth, gone through the trials of life, returned back to myself, I’m now, a comfortable flower, who’s right where she should be, getting ready to bloom.

So, this, is a sense of comfort, that can only be achieved, after one had gone through some stages of her life, isn’t it?  Because the things you took to be granted, you may not have understood the meanings of from before, and now, as you’re aged, you’d gotten a better understanding of the events in your own life, another kind of growth, call it that.

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