Rode that Miracle Mile

We rode that miracle mile, it was just, for that one mile, but, after that mile was over, neither one of us wanted to get off, but, we were, FORCED off, because, that, was our terminal station!

Rode the miracle mile, and, gotta say, it was fun, while it’d lasted, but, it didn’t last, quite long enough now, did it?  Of course N-O-T, as ALL good things come to an E-N-D, no matter how much you don’t want it to!

Rode that miracle mile, and afterwards, the miracle was gone, and, it’d left you, with that sense of loss, right?  And so, you kept trying, to get that sense of riding that miracle mile back, and, you keep on trying, trying, trying to find that same kind of thrill, but you never could, ‘cuz when something’s gone like that, it ain’t, NEVER comin’ back again.

Rode that miracle mile, but, you still, got TOSSED off that wild bronco, and, you walked away, bruised, but, without the regrets, because at LEAST, you’d HAD your time on the broncos, became the spotlight, for a miniscule of a second, and that, was enough, to last, wasn’t it???


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