Getting Intoxicated, to Get Over a Lost Love

Drinkin’ the pains away here, are we now???

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, well, it seemed, like a good idea at the time, but, the more I’d drunk, the more I’d think of her, and, after MORE than ten round with José Cuervo, I’m seeing TRIPLE here!

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, it’s the BEST solution, that I can come up with, because since she’d been gone, I’d only have HALF a mind left, couldn’t focus on my work, and so, the boss told me to go HOME, and NOT come back ‘til I’d gotten everything sorted all out…

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, because that, is the only thing I can think of, to get YOU off my mind, and so yeah, I’d headed, to the bars tonight, hoping, that I won’t find you, like those last couple of nights I’d spent at the bar, at the bottom of my drinkin’ glass, and, who knows, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get lucky tonight, and forget ALL about Y-O-U.

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Filed under Because of Love, Cause & Effect, Coping Mechanisms, Expectations, Life, Loss, Self-Deceptions, Story-Telling, Stupidity, Vicious Cycle

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