Remembering Those Childhood Days???

Remembering those childhood days???  You’d asked me, NO, I said!  But, but, but we did have a wonderful time, you and I, whilst you were, growing up, didn’t we?  Nope!  That, was NOT how I remembered my childhood as!

Remembering those childhood days???  Of course, how can I forget, that, was when I’d lost my childhood innocence, and, you just don’t forget that easily, NO matter how hard you’d worked to PUT all of that OUT of your minds, and, even IF you’d managed to successfully (that’s just what you think!!!) suppressed all of it, how can you be sure, that those memories won’t attack you, when you’re least expecting, because they WILL catch you OFF guard there!

Remembering those childhood memories, you’d better, because I will NOT allow you to, PUT me out, of your mind, and, as long as I’m still NOT yet taken care of, you will NOT rest easy, for I am that lost inner child, that you FAILED to take notice, the one you’d been ignorin’ your whole life, well guess what?  I’d had it, getting IGNORED and all of that, I will NOT stay silent again, and I’d like to see you TRY and MAKE me.


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