“The Gas Can Fell On Her Head”, the Girlfriend Died, He Was Taken into Custody

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“My girlfriend’s dead!  Come save her!”, a man, Yu, called in early yesterday morning, the police who answered the call found Yu’s girlfriend had a huge dent on her left cheekbone, and there was blood, all over Yu’s body, they’d suspected that he was involved, in the murder of his girlfriend, Yu denied it, but Yu’s father disclosed, that his son had called him, told, that he’d beaten a girl to death with a can of gas, the district attorney asked the courts for incarceration based off of the charge of murder, which the judge allowed for.

“I didn’t kill anyone!”, “I really don’t know how she came to be found, lying in a pool of blood”, the thirty-seven year-old Yu, when he was taken in for questioning

yesterday morning, still wreaked of alcohol, stated that two nights ago, he was drinking with his girlfriend, Shen (age 44), back then, she was cooking in the kitchen, because it took too long, he’d gone to the kitchens to check on her, saw that she’d fallen to the ground, he wanted to wake her up, but he’d accidentally, tipped over the gas can close by to the stove that’s sixteen kilograms, “the gas can fell and it crushed her.”

The police did a breathalyzer test on Yu, and, it was over 1.0, and, Yu became really emotional in interrogation, and couldn’t stick with his story, and, as the officers pressed him for more details, he’d told them, he’d forgotten.

The police investigations found, that Yu called the police at two in the morn, but, at a little past one, he’d called up his father; Yu’s father said, that his son told him, that he’d used the gas cans, and beaten a girl to death, he’d consoled him to call the police, maybe, it was because of how scared his son was, that, was why he’d delayed calling the police.

The police cased the scene, found lividity showing, on Shen’s body, they’d estimated the time of death for more than five hours already, and, his left cheek bone was pushed inward, that it wasn’t from bumping into the walls at all; and, there were blood stains on Yu’s body, and, there were signs of cleaning up at the kitchen sink and in the bathrooms too.

The police stated, that both Yu and his girlfriend Shen were emotionally unstable, and, in the month of March, both were recorded for seeing the psychiatrists, and both had met in the hospitals, and had been dating for a little over a year, there were no records of domestic violence.  The woman’s family said, that they’d never heard her tell them that Yu was violent at all, they couldn’t wrap their heads around what might have caused their daughter to die.

And so, mixing TWO emotionally unstable person, and that, is what you will get, and the man still tried weaseling, using the insanity plea?  Yeah, right.  Murder, IS murder, IS murder, and, although we don’t exactly know what had happened, but, the woman had died, and, blood was all over the man’s body, so, let the evidence speak for itself!


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