Really IS Hard, Letting Go

The growth of a woman, translated…

A decade ago, my father had an affair, many people consoled my mother, to let it go, back then, I’d done the same, that life would be easier for her.

I kept believing, that letting go is something that’s easily done, until my first failed attempt at love, I’d gotten to know, how hard it must’ve been, for my mother, to get through it all.

I’d dated A for two years, we’d gotten along real well, my life circled around him all day long, until I’d found that he was cheating on me, then, everything changed.

I’d asked him, what I’d done wrong, wanted to get his heart back to him, and save this relationship, but, after he’d told me, I wasn’t going to admit to it, instead, I’d rebutted him, told him that he’s worse than I, in the end, this attempt to save our love failed, miserably.

Maybe, we’d still cared too much about one another, but, unknowingly, that icy, cold wall had already, become, erected, between us two, and we can no longer be close again.

As the day passes, the more I’d tried to dodge the issues, the more painful it became for me, in the end, I’d decided, to nip it in the bud, and admitted to myself, that I still couldn’t forget about him.  And slowly, I’d gotten used to days without him, until one day, I’d bumped into him, with his new girlfriend, I subconsciously, lowered my head to my cell, he seemed to have not notice me either.  And, a line floated to my mind, “Missed is missed, let it go, no longer hating, hope he has a bright future.”

I saw how A took her into that restaurant where we used to go, outside the windows, I saw this familiar shadow, sitting in the familiar place, but the female lead is no longer me.  I’d wiped the tears out of the corners of my eye forcefully, never turned back, because I believe, that there is, a happy ending for me, somewhere, out there, in the world, saved for just me.

Letting go is an antidote, this, is a prescription that doctors can’t write you, and, only time, and adjustment from within oneself can do.  Learning to let go, not only does it make life grow, it’s also, a brand new beginning.

So, this, must’ve been shocking, for you, to realize, that whilst you were still grieving for the loss of your love, he’s already moved on, and, perhaps, that, was the PUSH you needed, to get yourself OVER him.


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