The Twists & Turns of Life, After Falling Ill

Puts things into PERSPECTIVE here, translated…

My friend got married at age forty, and his son was just born, not long ago, when he was diagnosed with cancer.  This sudden onset of the blow, made him give up on the photo studio he’d owned and operated for a long time, so he can focus, on fighting his illness.

The side effects of chemotherapy were apparent, he’d gotten too weak, that breathing became a luxury for him, every night, as he lay in his hospital bed, he felt that the dawn was way too distant from him, that he couldn’t keep going anymore.

His newborn son is a sweet kind of burden, and it’d kick started his will to survive, with that sense of responsibility on him, my friend fought hard, to live.  Underneath the watchful eyes of the heavens up above, he’d finally gotten on the right track of things, and, the very first thing after he got better was that he’d sold his house, although, there was still a lot of room, for the price of housing to rise, but, he could no longer wait again.

After he’d sold his properties, he’d made some profits, although it wasn’t enough, to allow him and his family to live off easy, but, he’s better off than most.  Cancer, had helped my friend rethink the direction of his own life, he’d decided to head back to his hometown, and, rebuilt his old ancestral home.

In order to save up on the costs, a lot of the hard works, he’d done, including removing the pile of garbage that stood high up as the mountains in front of his property, the huge rock that rolled down to his doorsteps, from the top of the hill, trimming the trees by the side of his property………he’d even managed to dig up a pond in front of his house, had some fish, put a stand, so the melon-type vegetables can climb; and, he’d used the patch in front of his house, turned it into an organic vegetable plantation.

And, he was able, to turn an ancient house, into a bed and breakfast, giving it new life.  As the new place was set up, nobody could believe, that the new place was once, his old home, that everything that was done, was done by a man, who was diagnosed with cancer, someone who was too weak to move from before.

Maybe, it’s because of how clean the air, the water, and the exercise, as well as the organic foods he received, now, my friend’s health is better, even than before, but, he had no plans, of coming down from the mountain, to enter back into the workforce again, because life in the mountains is simplistic, and he’d had less on his expenses, my friend felt that it was enough.  He’d worked odds and ends every now and then, although he wasn’t making as much, but, the entire family now has no health worries, and, it’d given his son, a happy and carefree childhood.

This, is ALL about perspectives, the man, getting diagnosed with cancer turned out to be a good thing after all, because it’d made him RE-think the orders of his life, and, after he’d re-prioritized, everything falls into its rightful place, and, on top of that, he’d gained his health back too.  So sometimes, changes are in order, and, it’s absolutely, NECESSARY too!


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