What Sort of a Place

This might get somewhat political, just a warning, translated…

A place that wouldn’t allow for objections, what sort of a place is that?  What sort of a place is it, where the citizens dared NOT speak up and out?  And, a place, where people are just, way too lazy, to stand up to object, what, sort of a place is it?

It could be, a political party, a company, a household, or, a husband and a wife…

So, this, is what “freedom” doesn’t look like, and, believe it or don’t, but, NONE of us, live outside of these sorts of “institutions”, because we’re still, very social organisms that thrive on interactions, relationships, with others, and, unless we are all islands on our own, surrounded by vast bodies of water, and we can survive, there’s NO democracy to be had…



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