At the End of Dreams


Life, most of the time, you’d spent, working away, when you’d wanted to do something of interests to you, you still have to wait, until you clock out after work.  During the daytime, I’d write out computer programs at the office, and, at nights, I’d gone home, and write my novels, both of these jobs are the quiet types, emphasis on thinking, with high freedom, and very challenging.  It’s fitting to my personality, and they’re closely related too—the organization skills for the programming, using it to write my novels; the imaginations I took to creating the novels, helps out with writing the programs for the computers.  Both benefitted, I’d gained a lot.

And still, at close to age forty, I’m starting to realize, that my memories are slowly fading, my ability to react became slower.  And, this made me wondered, if I wanted to keep on writing after retirement, how long, is the “shelf life” of a detective novelist?  And so, I’d decided to investigate, to confirm for myself, if there IS an expiration date for detective novelist.

Lillian Braun died in 2011, at the age of ninety-seven, her last work, “The Cat Who Smelled Smoke”, was originally set to be published in 2008, but because she didn’t finish it, it was canceled, the former, “The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers”, was published when she was ninety-four years old.

The British writer, P.D. James died at the end of the year, 2014, at age ninety-four, her last work, Death Comes to Pemberley, was published in 2011, when she was ninety-one.  To mention, this book was the aftermath of “Pride & Prejudice”, about the murder in their estate, after Darcy and Elizabeth were married for six years.

That Japanese writer, died in 2011, at age ninety-four, his last, “On the Night that the Puppet Died” was published when he turned ninety.


In other words, to make one’s dreams come true, one shouldn’t wait until retirement.  Although writing is a quiet kind of activity, at the borderline of life, I’d still have to put an end to it eventually.

But, because I’m an engineer, naturally, I wouldn’t give up on my dreams that easily.  I’m going to write a program first, to analyze my own writing, and turn it into a database.  When I input an idea, the program will automatically write a novel for me.  In theory, this would still be, my novel, and the readers should not have any problems about that.  Then, all I needed, is to come up with a hundred great ideas, and, crank out one novel per year, by inputting it into the computer program I’d designed.  And even until after I died, I can still be cranking out “new ideas” until ALL my ideas run out.

It’s great!  By this method, I can break the “age barrier” that most detective writers have.  Okay, now, I must, contemplate when this program will get started……What?  After I retire?

So, this, is how reality still CRASHED into the dreams, because you MUST give into the demands made by your realities, there are those overdue bills on the counters, mouths to feed, etc., etc., etc., and so, even IF you had big dreams, you MUST, put them ALL off, until later, but, when “later” actually comes, you won’t have the energy, to actually, live out ALL those dreams you used to have, when you were still, younger, and this still just shows, how you should NOT procrastinate on your dreams, and, when you dream, DREAM more realistically, that way, those dreams will be easier to achieve, hello, hello, hello???


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