A Cold Night…on a Cold Street…in a Cold Police Station

Look, at how C-O-L-D the world CAN get, from online, translated…

I’d just watched a story on the news that made my heart wrench:

It’s 10:30 at night, the night markets are closed down, two students, on the quiet streets, saw an elderly woman, walking, real slow.  After they’d inquired her, she’d told them she’s headed to Guanfu Countryside, the two students took the elderly to a bus station, but the last bus just went out, and so, the students took the elderly woman to a police station instead.

The police had a funny answer to the students’ request of getting the elderly home: why did you bring her here?  There’s NO train stations here.  What the students meant was, at least, your station can take care of her for the night, so she doesn’t have to wander the streets late at night, to which, the police gave an even more outrageous reply, “There are lots of hotels nearby!”

Look!  What sort of a world IS this!  Even the students knew to offer the elderly woman a helping hand, but the police just don’t do anything to assist?  And, how much will it cost you in gas, if you were to, drive her home?  You’re unwilling, then, at least, you CAN give her family a call, so they can pick her up, right?  But, what did you, Mr. Police Officer do?

I have no idea how the story ended, but based off of the students, they watched, the elderly woman, walked, real slow into the night, and disappeared…they have NO clue where the elderly went either.

This, is our world, our warm and cold, intermingled world…

The students took the liberties to help the old woman out, and, because they had only limited resources, they’d taken the woman to the nearby police station, and there, they got a big SHOCKER of their lives: the police are NOT there to help, and that, is just the work ethics these days, people all do their “assigned tasks”, without doing ANYTHING extra, because they’re getting paid, for just being there, and that, is really messed up.


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