Marriage Became Killers of Fairytales

Not ALL storybook fairytales get their rightfully “deserved” happily ever afters here…

Marriage became a killer for fairytales, because after that dreamy, lovely, grandeur wedding, where you dress up like princesses and, the TOAD you’d kissed, by accident, turned into a prince, and, right after the ceremonies, he turns, BACK into that yucky, SLIMY amphibian once more.

Marriages became killers of fairytales, because there’s NO way you can make your honeymoons last for eternity, after all, when honeymoon’s over, REALITY will surely, B-E-G-I-N, and, when reality begins, your beautiful princesses becomes Cinderella long-term.

Marriages became killers of fairytales, there’s NO way you can dodge that, because, the two of you are BOUND to get HIT, and taken down, by that HUGE wave of reality, and, there would be, BILLS unpaid, and the THREATS from the banks that they’re going to FORECLOSE your properties, and, as your Little Johns or Janes private school tuition just went UP by fifty percent this last quarter, and you still have yet to make those payments for this rundown SHACK that you all share.

Now tell me, that that, would not kill your fairytale fantasies of a marriage there…


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