I’m Still Very Young, I Don’t Want to Get Married

On the matter of marriage!  Translated…

W and L are my classmates from high school, we hadn’t seen one another in quite awhile, from before, because there was a long holiday, so, I’d made a date with the two of them.  In the process, W’s face soured up, she’d told, “my parents are scheduling me for matchmaking.”  After hearing, I’d started smiling at L, not knowing what to do.

W waved her hand, and continued, “My parents felt, that I’m getting too old, if I don’t get married now, then, nobody will want me.”  Actually, we’re all, in our mid-twenties, some of us hadn’t even graduated from grad schools yet, and, in the standards of the modern day man, we’re all still, children, so, what’s the hurry?

Turns out, W has an older sister who is five years older, already married, with a son, her marriage and family life is wonderful.  Looking at W now, she’d never had a boyfriend, and is a forceful, hardworking woman, always worked hard, and, her motto is, “Reliant on NO One”.  To here, I can understand her parents’ worries.  But, based off of W’s personality, matchmaking might end up as nothing.

In this day and age, there are, more and more women like W, but, I don’t see it as something bad.  The times are changing constantly, knowledge made us think, and, it’d also made us discover, that not a lot of things, we should, take, for granted.

I feel that when the parents realized, that the sapling we’d planted had all grown up, become strong, it’s time to let go, just let the children, embrace their separate sets of skies then!

But, chances of that happenin’, is still, NEXT to none, because of how this woman had siblings who are happily married, and, she’s still the only one left single, unwed, and so, it’s a wonder that the parents would worry, but, NO matter how they worry, if the woman’s affinity isn’t here yet, then, she’s still NOT gonna get wed, so parents, do yourselves, and US all a FAVOR, STOP bugging your grown daughters or sons (that’s US!!!) about getting married already!


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