What Would Life be Like

Bear with me on this one, people!!!

What would life be like, I’d often wondered to myself, had I not, run into you that day, and yet, I’d get that loud ringing in my head, from REALITY, pulling me BACK down again.

What would life be like, if we hadn’t met, I know I used to have a TON of dreams I wish I had the chance of pursuing, of living out, but, after we met, we fell in love, got married, and settle down, then, one day, I woke, in a cold sweat, and, realized, that hey, this isn’t the life I wanted, and, I felt, that strong urge to run, but, I’d controlled the urge, because, I have responsibilities (still a very NASTY word!!!) now, kids to take care of, a husband, to cook for, and pick up after.

What would life be like, had I not dropped out of school, and had your baby?  I’d always thought, that I’d get back to school, to get my degree, but, things in this brand new reality I’d found myself in, just all piled on top of me, making that distant dream, blurry now.

What would life be like, do you ever wonder?  I’d strongly recommend you not to, because, you’d only, feel that regret, creeping up, then, you’ll take a look around, and, feel resentful toward whoever you believe, had caused your realities, to turn into a total nightmare.

What would life be like, without you?  Well, I already know, been living without you now, for EIGHT total years, and, I’m still KICKING and SCREAMING, LOUD, as EVER, just as I was, YANKED out from his BITCH ex-wife’s VAGINA, nearly THIRTY-THREE years ago!


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