Walking a Wounded Path

I just set out, following an unknown road, one that I’d never trekked, never followed before…

And, I’d looked all around, this road that I am now on, and noticed, how the rock pieces that paved the way, to wherever it is that I’m heading toward, had all been broken, but I’d still followed this path, without straying.

Walking a wounded path, where, do you think you’ll end up?  In an unmarked grave, perhaps?  Because this wounded path, is leading you NOWHERE you want to end up, and yet, you keep on, traveling down this path, that’s already, wounded?  Why is that?

Is it, that you’d gotten so used to a certain type of pattern of behaviors, is it because, you’re a participant in this story without the happily ever after, is it because, you’re too close, to this way of life, you’d been living for so long?  Walking a wounded path, and, you don’t even realize it, but I do, because, I once too, trekked down the same wounded path, and, nearly gotten myself killed, but I was, able to survive, and, so now, I’m, pointing out the way, to those, who was lost like me, a long time ago.


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