Using Starvation, to Slow Down the Progression of Someone’s Dementia

Can someone, GET me that G-U-N, I’m feeling, kinda, ITCHY in my hands here, and no, you still didn’t JUST hear this “miracle CURE” for dementia from me, someone read up on it online, and that still just shows, how you MUST sort through everything you thumb across LOGICALLY (meaning, GET those BRAIN JUICES crankin’ here).

Using starvation, to slow down the progression of someone’s dementia, well, yeah, that’ll be EASIER said than done, because, if the demented person is like my maternal grandmother, who gets ANGERED when the woman that helps her through her daily living routines prevents her from eating, and tells her, “You didn’t buy these snacks for me, so, what RIGHT have to, to STOP me from eating them”, and yes, she is, QUITE sharp, in her rebuttals still.

Using starvation, to slow down the progression of someone’s dementia?  Hello, hello, hello?  That’s just, some MORONS online, who can’t find better ways, to make those claims with NO trials, NO scientific basis either, and, if you actually go through with this plan, by NOT allowing your demented elderly family members from EATING, then, you MAY well get charged, with NEGLECT!

Point is: don’t BELIEVE everything you read online, because, anybody can post just about anything online, and besides, those online things, they’re NOT “peer reviewed”, are they?  And, from my psych major days, we’d learned, that unless something had been PEER-REVIEWED, then, you shouldn’t believe it, because it wouldn’t be factual, it’d probably BE opinionated, hello, hello, hello???  Is this thing (the P.A.) on????


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