The Children of the Man’s Affair Mandated to Look After the Man’s First Wife After His Death

The PARENTAL DEBTS are still MADE to be paid, by the offspring here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eighty-six year old woman, Lu’s husband had an affair, and just abandoned her completely, Lu was having difficulties making it, and she’d asked Lu to pay for her living, in the process of the court case, her husband died, and, because the four children that her husband and his whore had didn’t sign away the right to inherit, and so, the judge mandated that they must pay their “First Mother” over ninety-thousand dollars in alimony that their father owed her.

The District Court in Taoyuan pointed out, that after the plaintiff died, the claims would be passed to the offspring, that, is how this rare case of the spare’s children needing to pay for the first wife’s alimony.

The Taoyuan District Court investigated, that Lu since she married her husband sixty years ago, had a daughter, afterwards, they didn’t get along well at all, and, after a little over a year’s time together, her husband left her.  Lu told the courts, that she’d worked on the land herself, to make ends meet, in the over sixty years, her husband never given her any money, instead, he’d moved in with his mistress, and had four children with her.

Lu said, that a little over ten years ago, her husband gave the land she worked on as a gift, to his mistress and her son, causing the son of his mistress to become meaner to her by the day, to the point that he was about to chase her out of her own home, and, she could only put up with it.  In recent years, her health declined by the day, and, she’s now, living with an enormous amount of bills in her medical needs, and, there wasn’t enough that her own daughter could do, and so last year, she’d sued her husband for the owed alimony of a little over ninety-thousand dollars N.T.

In the trial phase, Lu’s husband had died, and, the four children he had with his mistress never alleviated the right to inherit, and so, the courts mandated that they are to pay for Lu’s life.

The four kids from the whore said, that before their father died, he’d never abandoned his first wife, and, the money he’d made, he’d taken back to his original home, and that the woman had frictions with the rest of them, that, was why she’d left.  That they’re from the man’s second wife, and that they hold NO responsibilities to care for their father’s first wife, that the payments should not be made by them.

The judge pointed out, that Lu is over eighty, is diagnosed with conditions such as hypertension, and could work no more, and that her husband has the obligation to provide for her, but, in the trial phase, the man had died, the four children he’d had with his mistress never ditch the inheritance of the man, and so, the judge mandated the four children from the second wife to pay for the first wife’s livelihood.

This, would be, a BIG LOOPHOLE, isn’t it?  It not only allows a man to CHEAT on his wife, without ANY consequences, and, this also provided a way, for the future children of one’s affairs to NOT pay for their fathers and mothers sins too.  Or, at least, that, is how I interpret this matter here…


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