4820. Forgetting How She Used to Get Carsick, My Demented Mother Was Able to Experience Our Trips Together Through a Brand New Perspective

This, is the UPSIDE of DEMENTIA, which doesn’t really actually happen, all that much!  From the Newspapers, translated…

“Tsan, drive slower, it’s so beautiful here.”  When I drove my mother to Er-Dzi-Ping of Yangming Mountain, as we drove past the beautiful scenes, my mother kept saying the words into my ears.

My mother at the age of twenty, married to Taipei from Nantou, and because she gets carsick and her stomach would become upset, and so, she didn’t dare take trips by car at all; she’d married to Taipei for seventy years now, and, she’s already ninety years old, and yet, she’d never traveled too far from home at all, and, the places she’d gone to most often were the parks nearby her home, and the marketplace where she used to shop for groceries.

These couple of years, my mother had been diagnosed with dementia, she not only didn’t recognize her way home, or even asked me, “who are you?”, “are you my son?”, and even though, she’s at home, she’d asked us to take her home from time to time; and, the loss of memories had instead, made her forget, that she used to get carsick, and so, whenever we have the chance, we’d driven her all over the places.

We’d once driven to the top of Da-Tun mountains, to look down at the world; along the coastal freeway, to see the coastline, the Golden Waterfall, to see the field of flowers at Bamboo Lake, to Wulai to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and to the zoo to see the pandas, the elephants too, to the Green Expo; all of these places, my mother wouldn’t DARE dream of going, because of how she would get carsick.

Everything my mother encounters, it’s like it’s a brand new experience for her, everything feels and looks so new and fresh to her.  Every time my mother’s done strolling, she’d tell us, “I want to come back again”, and, even though, after we took her home, she’d forgotten where she had visited.

Every time we’d made a stop at a scenic area, I’d taken photographs of my mother, made it into a photo album, and I’d also made it into DVDs, to play for her on television, every time she’d watched, she’d be so focused, and, she could watch it forever it seems, guess, this, is an accidental gain from her dementia and loss of memories.

And so, because she doesn’t remember, she forgot that she used to get car sick, which gives this man the opportunity to take his mother out more, and, he’d managed to put together the photographs that he’d taken of his mother, into a DVD, which the mother can enjoy watching, and this, is a great way, to help those elderly demented persons age as gracefully as they possibly can, by accompanying them, by making accommodations for them.


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