When Having a Home Became a Luxury that “Normal” People Can’t Afford

Isn’t this the heart of the middle class right now, as, the bourgeois of the lower class slowly, gets eliminated, and, everything gets pushed downward, and so now, the middle class, which was previously, above the lower class, is now, the lower class, and, once you’d stuck down “there”, there’s just, a VERY OBESE chance you’ll EVER move your ways BACK up that ladder again, NO matter how hard-working you are!

With the prices of everything still on the rise, because, let’s face it, natural resources are running low on supply here, as we all wasted everything, whether or not we like to believe, or admit it.  When having a home became a luxury that “normal” people can’t afford, my guess would be, that in every three to five people on this planet, there is, one SUCKER that’s without a home, and, I’m not talking about JUST a place to live in, but having a property to the person’s name, and this, is still due to the UNEVEN distribution of wealth, but, unless you want to live in a COMMUNIST society, where everything IS co-owned by everybody, shared by everyone, with the governments having ALL the claims of the land rights, and, we already KNOW how that worked out already, don’t we???


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