Their Leisure Lives, the Features of Women


There is a group of classmates who are also my best of friends whom I’d known since my days back in the Teacher’s College, we’d graduated almost fifteen years now, but to us all, the increase in age is only in the digits, because we are all able to, maintain that young state of mind, and the leisure attitude toward life too.

A who’d taught in middle school for over a decade, recently, she’d filed for a suspension of her teaching position in school, so she could get a master’s degree in grad school.  Regularly, she’d enjoyed hiking up mountain trails, swimming, cycling, talking walks, and she’s also enjoyed gardening, and cooking too.  Many years ago, after she’d learned to dive, whenever she’d had a long vacation, she’d headed over to Kenting, to diving to see the underwater sights.  We’d often heard of what she’d encountered on her diving adventures to Kenting, Bali, as well as Palau and other places, and how she had, carried those heavy equipment on her back, and saw the beauties of the underwater coral world.

B, who carried the stance of being a big sister to us all, back in college, she’d represented our class, led as the head student of our department, she knew just how to lead others, it’d helped her in her work as a primary classroom instructor at a private high school, she’d used her unique way to lead her classroom, and, she was loved by the parents, as well as all her students too.  She was very hard working, would accompany her student before and after school when they had questions about the lessons, on the weekends, she’d taken up classes on her own, and, when she has long vacations, she’d gone abroad to travel, seeking out the new experiences in life.  She’d gone to Thailand often, felt that there’s this familiarity about the country, she’d felt, quite at home there, maybe, Thailand is the origins of her other dreams.

The petite C, standing next to the middle school students whom she taught, is easily dismissed, but, the moment she’d started opening up speaking, the students all paid her their undivided attention, the experiences she had in teaching her classes left us all in awe.  Her most favorite leisure activity is dancing, every day after work, she’d surely, gone to the dancing studios, to report to her dance instructor, if she doesn’t dance for one day, then, she’d felt that something wasn’t right with her.  And, she’d also performed in front of others on the various occasions.

D, whom we hadn’t seen in so many years, in these couple of years, had become even MORE in-tune with her body and mind, she’d do Zen, meditation, Yoga, Tai-chi, or, hiking up the trails close to her home, all of these, had become her favorite things to do when she has the spare time.  She dressed in simple clothes, and, made it her life, to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks, sought out the peaceful state of mind, and, as the friends all hung around her, they too, would get infected with her sense of peace as well.  She is also, a great teacher to her students, their good friends, and, she’d accompanied those students who are living in the dorms, who are far from home, helping them through their nostalgia of missing home.

This group of cougars, my friends, are economically independent, worked hard in their jobs, and, they knew how to treat themselves well too, add more colors to their own lives, and, they’re living very well.

So, all these women all had passions for what they do, and, they also have an assortment of interests, and that, is what makes all of these ladies so well-adapted in life.


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