The Faces of Buried Memories

There are, so many different faces that buried, as memories, and, you just cannot hide from them, NO matter how hard you’d tried.  The faces of buried memories, they will, NOT stay buried for long, because, someone’s BOUND to find the truth, and, those faces that are buried as memories, they’ll all, get DUG up.

The faces of buried memories, do you see them now?  Are they, haunting you, even when you’re wide awake?  Do you EVER wonder, why it is, that you’re, seeing those faces, of the buried memories?  It’s because those faces of buried memories, well, they ain’t gonna stay buried for long, they will all, become those ghostly faces, that comes, right ‘round the hours of midnight, and, they will, haunt you, until you D-I-E.

The faces of buried memories, because you’d not say séances for those faces of those dead memories before you’d buried them, and, you didn’t give them ANY of the offerings they needed, that, is why, they will NOT rest easy.  Had you done as you were supposed to, paid your final respects, for those memories that are now, buried, then, maybe, just maybe, they’ll, leave you alone, but, you hadn’t, and so now, you WILL P-A-Y!

The faces of buried memories, they’d all come to me, haunt me, during the wee hours of the nights of my life, and, it’d gotten worse and worse, and, I just, feel, so, sleep, deprived, and, I just, can’t function normally, during, the daytime anymore…


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