Thankful for Cancer, Teaching Me to Take Life Slower

Instead of asking WHY me, this woman found another, more positive way, of dealing with her diagnosis, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The wife of the mayor of the city of Taipei, also a well-known pediatrician at Taipei United Hospital, Chen, with the nickname of “Hard-Ass Wife”.  But, she also has a fragile side to her personality, the subjects of Ke, her husband, and adenocarcinoma of the lungs, are the two subjects that would make her cry.  Chen said, that when she was first diagnosed, she was very upset, but later, she’d started, feeling, gratitude toward her diagnosis, because that, was her body, reminding her, “It’s time, to change your lifestyle.”

In the past, lung cancer had been the top cause of death of the citizens in Taiwan, Chen, who’d always seen herself as very healthy, couldn’t escape it, in her new book, “The Nine Major Forces of the Medical Realm: You CAN Prevent Cancer”, she’d stated what she’d gone through, battling it out with her cancer successfully.

At the beginning, Chen was able to found that she had adenocarcinoma of the lung in a routine health check-up, back in 2011, in February, the doctors found that there was a 0.7 centimeter large white dot in her right lung.  She’d thought, “the average age of women getting diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lungs is sixty, I’m just in my fifties, is it, possible?”, because she’d treated her patients in the pediatric department from before, she’d gotten her immune system active, and, there wasn’t this cancer in her family history, she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t live in the industrial areas, and, her occupation doesn’t make her high risk for developing it either, and, she’s a mismatch with the normal causes of adenocarcinoma of the lungs.  Her husband, Ke, who’d taken her X-rays to a coworker of his at NTU Hospital, and, the person took one look, told him, “It’s adenocarcinoma of the lungs”.

“Because I was only in stage one, I was originally struggling, don’t know if I needed the surgery this soon?”  Chen was battling inside back then, actually, she’d feared the side effects from her surgery, and not the surgery itself, after all, she still has three children at home, that she’s worried about.  But, in the persistence of her husband, Ke, the very next month, Chen had her lungs removed partially.

During the days when she was in recovery, Chen described, “My husband had never said anything sweet to me before, but, behind all of it, I can feel his care and concerns toward me.”  The children too, became more well-behaved as well, the accompaniment of her husband and her kids became the strength that she carried, in fighting her illness.

After Chen was discharged from the hospital, she’d started changing her lifestyle, she’d speculated, that the onset of her cancer may have been brought on by the stresses in her life.  In the past, she’d burned on both ends at work and in the family, she’d often skipped breakfasts, lunches too.  After she’d fallen ill, she’d taken the “upside down triangle approach” to eating her meals, with a very fulfilling breakfast; if she got too busy for lunch, then, she’d buy some soup, with salad and fruits; in the evenings, she’d gone home, and made brown rice, plus some vegetable dishes.

Chen also learned to slow her pace down a bit, added more exercise to her living routines, like she’d often gotten off at earlier stops, to walk for a short bit, to get to the hospital where she’d worked.  Walking, is what she took to be the simplest kind, the longest lasting workout routine she could do, she walked somewhat fast, to the point where she’d felt slightly out of breath.  But, she’d reminded others, that the air in the cities are still very polluted, “You must put on masks, and don’t think that it wouldn’t make you look pretty, and just not do it”, and, even as she’d cooked at home, she’d also worn her mask.

And so, the woman learned, from her cancer, that she’d needed to change her lifestyle, and the cancer WAS a wakeup call for her, to remind her, to CHANGE her lifestyle, or else, and, gladly, she’d paid attention to the signs that her body was showing to her, and, she’d made changes in her life.


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