If One Day, We Say Goodbye

The anticipations, or even, foreshadows of a break up, perhaps???

If one day, we say goodbye, will we return to what we were, before we became lovers, strangers?  Or, will we turn into enemies, because we’d still carried separate GRUDGES toward what happened, leading up, to the moment of our goodbye to one another?

If one day, we say goodbye, why must we discuss this right now, we’re going very well here, and yet, you just had to, RAIN down on this parade, why is that?  I’m just being realistic, because, there’s a NEXT-TO-NONE chance that we will die, at the same time together, and so, we must, prepare ourselves for that moment in time. If one day, we say goodbye, you mustn’t mourn for me too long, because that, is not what I want to see, I want to know, that you’ll be okay without me too.  But, how can I be okay, if I’d lost you?  When you’re the only person I will EVER love.

If one day, we say goodbye, there’s NO way to prepare ourselves beforehand, for this, and yet, if we don’t reconstruct ourselves, be prepared for it, then, when it hits, we will, totally, get KNOCKED off our feet, this, is just, way, too difficult, for me to grasp, I can’t do this, not right now, not for a little while, maybe, when I’d grown more mature, and become more capable of handling these sorts of things, then, we’ll talk………


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