The Shadows She Wore Around Her Eyes

And NO, this, is still NOT a lesson on H-O-W to apply MAKEUP on your faces!!!

The shadows she wore around her eyes, she only to be the only one who notices, but now, EVERYBODY around her seemed to.  She’d started wearing those shadows, since he’d lost his job, started staying at home, and, she’d done ALL she possibly can, to help him, PICK himself BACK up, but, nothing seemed to work, and so, in order, to keep the household’s HEAD above water (there are bills to pay, ends to meet, putting food on the tables, etc., etc., etc.), she’d gotten a job, allowing him, to take a break, from working.

She thought, that everything would get better eventually, that he was only, going through a phase, only that she never realized, that this so-called “phase” in his life is lasting for a VERY long time.  She used to feel, and appear all sunny AND bright, but lately, shadows, they crept up onto her, and slowly, they’d plagued, and, taken over her life now.

The shadows she wore around her eyes, they made her look so much older than she really is, and, she’d felt old too, and, it wasn’t until, late one night, as she was, wiping off her face (you know???  Using toner or whatever, to clean off the mascara, the blushes, the lipsticks, etc., etc., etc.???), she’d lifted her head, caught a gaze of herself, in the mirror, and, she’d taken, steps backwards, because there was, that “stranger”, with the shadows, no longer, JUST around her eyes, but slowly, creeping over, taking over her FACE………


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