The Geek in the Library


Although, the questions from setting up so many universities had arisen, but, as I’d returned home, the most frequent place I’m found was, in that small-town library, there was an huge lake there, a grass patch, with a ton of flowers, and trees too, and most importantly, there’s a library.  I’d gone into the library at nine, ten in the morn, in the noon hours, I’d hung by the lake, picked a seat, at any corner, eat my prepacked meal, see the fowls, flying across the waters, the fish, coming up for air, looking at the ripples, caused by the wind, the coming and dissipating of the clouds up above my head, after I’d eaten, I’d found my hiding place, inside the library again.  And, oftentimes, for an entire day, other than carrying on in casual conversations with the librarians who checked out my books, I’d remained silent.  In the past year, the time I’d spent inside the library, had managed to outlast the total hours of time I’d spent in the various libraries here and there, and all over.  In a small town, there’s a library like this, to me, it’s of more value, of more worth, than having a shopping mall, and a Costco too.  I am not afraid, that the 101 is going to collapse, or it’ll be bought by some foreign powers, instead, I’m more worried about how after the university was taken over, what will happen to the more than ten libraries, along with all the books inside those libraries?

The ancient books, discovered in the libraries, especially those which were out-of-print.  You couldn’t find them anywhere else, because there are so many new books out on the shelves every single day, and so, they’d gotten eliminated even faster, when you’d wanted to read the volumes, they’re, no longer on the shelves, or are sold out, and you’d have to order, and, the shops will then, find the suppliers.  This sort of difference of time, will sever the flow of reading, there were, packs of books I’d bought online, that I hadn’t even gotten around, to open the packets, and after I’d opened up the packets, I couldn’t understand what it was, that made me want to buy them a long time ago.

There were not that many students in the libraries during the weekends, there are usually just one, or two people in the huge reading rooms, I’d loved, being surrounded by millions of volumes of books, I don’t mind, spending time there at all.  When I wasn’t looking for something particular, I’m not choosy of books (I normally won’t pick the books), just started with 0, the encyclopedias, 1, philosophies, then, started at the back, with 8, languages, 7, histories, and, when I saw something I hadn’t flipped through, I’d taken it down, sat myself down, and, a day starts to march slowly past me.  This sort of way I approach reading, it’s hard to call it, real reading, but it is, the true kind of reading.  I’d read the different subjects more and more, started with the general interests, to the books for MBA’s, from engineering, to novels, with the links from one kind to the next.  The books are like the stars, scattered, across the skies, with the mad mathematician in “A Beautiful Mind”, with his fingers pointed toward the skies, connecting the stars, and got a closer look, at the pictures hidden up high.  Like the twelve constellations, combined the distances between the specific stars, changing into the shapes of the astrological signs.

The blind Borges is not blind at all, and he too, made the special connections with the books too, he too, was a super geek who stays in the libraries.  Although I’m not blind, but I’d only, blindly, chased, after volumes and volumes of books.  This is not bad at all, there’s this enjoyment, from picking up the freshly grown fruits and vegetables from a patch, returning to the savage days, take a bite to see, if the fruits were edible, pull off the leaves off of trees, use a pestle to break it up, and put it where the bees had stung, kept trying, and, even as I’d tasted something sour, bitter, even if tasting, savoring can cause me to swell up, I’d still, chewed on things, all the way.

So, this, IS how much someone loves reading, he does not pick and choose which sort of books he reads, he just sat down at the libraries, and start opening up volume after volume of books, and, through his “interactions” with the books, he’d gained, knowledge, experiences, learned the lessons that others had to teach, and managed, to enrich his own life too.


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