The Father & Son Danced Together, on Parent-Child Interactions


“Come, share a dance with your dear old dad!”

This night, I’d come home, the moment I stepped out of the car, I saw my father, with smiles, crawling all over his face, said he wanted to share a dance with me, it’d shocked me.  Because my father who’s always been very strict, rarely smiled at all, even if I’d wrapped my arms around his waist, he’d called me disrespectful, let alone, dancing with him, I couldn’t believe, that he was, inviting me to dance with him.

“Come!”, my father extended his right hand, took my left, started dancing with me, told me, “take seven steps forward, 1, 2, 3……6,7, yes, now, backward, 1, 2, 3,……6, 7, good, again, I’ll dance to the left, you, to the right, three steps each.”

These steps felt very familiar to me, I just couldn’t recall what it was, so, I’d asked him, as I’d danced along, he’d smiled and told me, “Don’t you remember, it’s the Airforce strut when you were in elementary school, isn’t it also called, the ‘Seven Steps’?”

No wonder the melody sounded too familiar, it was easy, to get into the dance moves, but, maybe because I hadn’t danced it for a long time, my steps seemed a bit, too stiff, I’d “danced” out the steps, through sliding and walking.  And, my father’s steps were very light, and beautiful, like he was really good at it, especially when we’d twirled around, he was very soft in his postures, you couldn’t tell, that he was, old.

“What made you want to dance?  And why this song?”, I couldn’t help, but ask him.  He’d smiled and told, “I’d watched a dancing lesson program on T.V., felt that this, was an easy dance, and so, I’d picked it up, and, it’d become more and more interesting, as I’d danced along; and I thought, I’m getting older, and should move more, and, I must open up my mind too, so I won’t become demented!”  It’s true all right, my father managed to keep healthy, because he’d enjoyed exercising regularly, every morning, he’d gone for a jog in the small park in front of our house, and, dancing too, is a form of exercise, and, you can just dance whenever, move about carefree, so wonderful!

I must, find my dad to dance more often from here on out, because not only would I get the exercise I’d need, I can also, improve the interaction between my father and I, why not!

And so, the man reached out for his son’s hand, and, his son took it, and, the generation gap dissipated, and, all of this, is due to that shared thing that they’d found, that they both enjoyed doing, which will bring the father and son closer together.


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