Stealing Someone Else’s Credit Card, to Take Out the Pretty Ladies, Managed to Swipe Away a TON of Someone Else’s Money

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Niu was seeing two women, Peng, and Hsieh at the same time, he was suspected of stealing both women’s credit cards, and swiping the cards without their consents.  The investigative officers found, that Niu and Peng went to the motel to get a room, he’d stolen Hsieh’s credit card to pay for it.  The High Courts in Taiwan found Niu guilty of stealing the credit cards twice, and, used the cards a total of twelve times, and, the courts found him guilty of theft, fraud, along with some other charges, gave him two years in prison, but he can pay his way out of serving time.

Niu in October of 2012, became a couple with Hsieh, whom he met online, he’d gone to Hsieh’s house as a guest, went into her bedroom, took her credit card without her consent.  And, Niu started swiping her card in both Taipei, and Hsinbei, as well as the city of Hsinchu, to treat himself to Japanese food, coffee, motels, charged a total of over $70,000N.T. onto her card; and, there were several charges to the motels, which he took a brand new woman he’d recently hooked up with, Hsieh to.

During the time when Niu was “cheating” on Hsieh, he’d swiped her card, and later on, he’d left Hsieh’s credit card in Peng’s car, then, took Peng’s card, and swiped it instead; he’d taken Peng to motels in the city of Hsinchu, to a bar in Miaoli, to fine dining, and also, to the movies in Taipei, swiped nearly $50,000N.T., and, it was, all, on Peng’s account.  Peng realized that her credit card was missing, and found Hsieh’s card in her car, thought that something wasn’t right, reported it to the credit card centers, and called the police too.

Niu denied having stolen the cards, claimed that Hsieh had authorized him, and that Hsieh knew of EVERY single charge on her card; in the almost fifteen days he’d started dating Peng, he’d paid for their meals, and he handed the cash to Peng, and Peng had swiped her card, to get the bonus points.

The High Courts believed, that credit card is a matter of personal property rights, unless two people were very intimate, most people would not allow someone else to use it; and, Hsieh and Niu only dated for a month, and, based off of normal reasoning, she wouldn’t have allowed him to swipe her card as he pleased, and, that as Peng was dating Niu, she’d never paid, and, the slips that were signed for the credit cards, the handwriting was different from her signatures, that, Niu had taken her cards and swiped, without her permissions.

So, we have, another scammer for money, and, this time, he’d still used LOVE as his cover, and, that, was his way of doing things, and, gladly, this LOSER only HAD two victims, and, if he wasn’t caught, GOD knows how many ladies would fall…


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10 responses to “Stealing Someone Else’s Credit Card, to Take Out the Pretty Ladies, Managed to Swipe Away a TON of Someone Else’s Money

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