Escaping His Past…

We have here, a FUGITIVE, who’s gotten CAUGHT, each AND every time he’d tried making HIS escape, and yet, he still, didn’t quite learn???  Wow, sir, are you just, M***ER F***ING (maxed out, remember???) mentally RETARDED here???

Escaping his past, he’d been tryin’ to, and yet, each and every single time, it’d prove, to be, UNSUCCESSFUL, because don’t you know, that you can NEVER escape your pasts?  That, they will always AND forever BE, a part of who you are?  And, unless you wouldn’t mind committing SUICIDE, and sending your SOULS straight into HELL (as the Christians/Catholics may believed???)…

Escaping his past, he will NEVER be able to, because, his past is now, PERMANENTLY, engraved, etched, into his life, and, there’s NO way, he can possibly, “ERASE” his own D.N.A. from HIS illegitimate children’s blood.

Escaping his past, uh, yeah, right, you won’t be able to, you know?  Because you just can’t, even IF you were, a genie who’d made a wish to, get rid of your pasts, you’d still ended up, locked UP, inside that LAMP, working, to fulfill someone ELSE’s wishes, instead of living for yourselves…

Escaping his pasts, he’d tried, over a million time on end, and yet, he still NEVER quite learns, that he can NEVER escape from his own pasts, he can only, work through it, step-BY-step, going through EACH and EVERY small feeling of discomfort and pain that comes with it.

Escaping his pasts, can he?  Is he, David Copperfield, or even, David Blaine, or some OTHER famous, escape magicians?  Of course N-O-T, and so, he is surely, to get, totally, AND completely, SCREWED OVER by his OWN FUCKED up pasts…


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