Ripping Off Your Intellect

Guess what?  I’d drilled a HOLE, into your brains, and, I now have, total ACCESS, of your intellect!  And now, I can RIP off of your intellect, any time I want to, how’s that sound???

Ripping off your intellect, that, is what they (whoever “they” may be???) are doing, endlessly, because you’re a part of a larger group, and, seeing how, in order for that group to work, you all need to share your thoughts, and, there would be awful people from those groups you’re in, who’d do all that they can, to TAKE your ideas as their own, and, there’s NOTHING you’re able to do ‘bout it!

Ripping off your intellect, how you I do that?  Because I have total ACCESS over EVERYTHING, because I CONTROL you, you’d signed that contract, with the fine prints, specifying how your intellect belongs to ME, for the next millennium?  Do you NOT recall signing the contract I handed you from the beginning?  Ah, yes, but, I don’t recall reading about that in ANY of the sections.  Well, did you read the FINE prints carefully then?  Uh, was I supposed to?  It’s printed so god DAMN fine, it’s easily overlooked!  Well, that ought to SHOW you, that the MOST important details of a contract would BE in those fine prints, and that, is why they’re ALL printed so finely, so you’d miss it, and, get SCREWED, hello, hello, hello???  Don’t tell me that you don’t realize that!


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