Difficulties, Following Your Conversations

The elderly persons at your homes are now, having difficulties following the conversations, and, s/he is finding it really hard, to get involved, in your daily interactions.

This, is all caused by her/his dementia, and, it’s not because you all are talking on subjects irrelevant to the elderly person’s life, it’s just, that s/he can no longer show the same kind of care and concerns for the things that s/he used to care about.

Difficulties following the conversations, but how, you used to be so quick to rebut, and, with your amazing reasoning skills, you used to be able to convince us all, to see things your way, but now, you’re having a hard time, following the conversations.

Difficulties following the conversations, and soon, she’ll not be able to find that specific place to chime in, like she used to be able to, and, she’s gonna feel isolated, and, you all still didn’t do it intentionally, and, it wasn’t as if you were trying to exclude her in your conversations, it’s just, that she can no longer follow what you all are talking about…

And soon, you too, will have difficulties, following the conversations of others, because that, is what’s waiting for you, at OLD age, and, you’re gonna think back, to how you didn’t PAY enough ATTENTION to your own elderly parents, and you will, finally, get a closer “feel” at how they feel!


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