Seeing a Man with His Girlfriend in the Same Room, the Handicapped Man Killed His Neighbor

Flew into a jealous rage here, did we now???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Kuo, who has a handicap manual, late yesterday, went back to the residence “Datong Home” in Beitou District, he’d realized that his second-floor neighbor, Kao walked out of his place, and his girlfriend was there too, he’d taken a watermelon knife, confronted Kao, and murdered him, and was charged with murder.

The police investigated and found, that two nights ago, at eleven at night, the Datong Home Community security guard found Kao (age 61), lying face up in an empty lot in the community, thought he may have passed out from drinking, called 119 to report it; the paramedics arrived and found knife wounds on the back of his neck, and had been dead, so, they’d notified the police.

The police investigated, that Kao lived in the second floor of where he was found, and before he’d died, he’d had an altercation with his first floor neighbor, Kuo (age 49), the police woke Kuo from his sleep, but Kuo denied having anything to do with his neighbor’s death; the police then found, by the corner of his door, a watermelon knife with blood stains, and Kuo came clean.

Kuo stated, that two nights ago after he got drunk, returned to his place at around eleven o’clock, saw Kao and his girlfriend in the same room, he was angered, and took the watermelon knife to confront him; while they got into altercations, Kao had attacked him with a metal pipe, that, was why he’d fought back, after Kao was stabbed, he’d sat right where he was, Kuo didn’t pay him any heed, went back to his bedroom to sleep; but, the police searched the place, and found no iron weapon that Kuo claimed that Kao used.

The police and coroner’s office found, that Kao was stabbed twice on his body, the wound on his neck severed his cervical spine and his carotid, causing him to bleed to death.  Kuo’s girlfriend (age 41) stated, that she only had a neighbor relationship with Kao, that when Kao was stabbed, she was at Kuo’s place, that she didn’t bear witness to any altercation that the two men had, and didn’t know, that Kao had been killed, only heard yelling and screaming, and things being thrown around.

And so here, jealousy still killed, didn’t it?  And, this man is still just, WAY too INSECURE, just because his girlfriend was in the same room with another man, that still doesn’t mean, that anything IS going on, but, because they’d had altercations from before, and, everything still escalated, and, this time, it’d turned into murder!


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