Not the Life I Want

One day, you woke, and, took a closer look around, and you think to yourselves: this, is not the life I want, then what?  You can’t “check out” of your way of life, you’d gotten, too comfortable in your daily living routines already, so, you just, take it, a day at a time…

Not the life I want, not with you, I never envisioned myself as your wife, and yet, because I was knocked up, and I refuse to have a child, without its (b/c it’s way too early to tell the sex of our kid???) father around, and so, I’d settled, for you instead.  Not the life I want, I never wanted any of it, but, fate dealt me a lousy hand, and I was forced, to play this losing game, and, surely enough, I’d lost, down to my god DAMN pants!

Not the life I want, and, there’s nothing I can do ‘bout it, I feel so stuck, so stagnant, unable to move, like I’m, becoming stone.  Not the life I want, I can’t live like this, it’s too stressing, it’s too hard, I just, don’t want to live this way anymore.  Not the life I want, but, it’s the only life I get, and so, despite ALL the resentment I had felt, toward this life of mine, I’d still, taken this life, the life that I didn’t want, a day at a time………


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