4751. A Mobile Fruit & Vegetable Truck, on Filial Relations

The ins & outs of life here, translated…

My eldest aunt called, “We’d had a harvest of vegetables, come quick, to pick them up.”, with my mother’s hollers, my younger sister’s “white’s” back was cleared up, she’d fueled the car, and, ran all the way to the south.

My mother has three older siblings, because my maternal grandfather was handsome and a letch, my grandmother could no longer put up with his numerous infidelities, killed herself, to keep herself from feeling.  As a child, I’d loved to go to my eldest aunt’s house, she’s fifteen years senior to my mother, before elementary, I couldn’t differentiate between eldest aunt and grandma.

My most favorite fruit was lychee, I can hang, like a monkey, on the lychee trees all day long, unwilling to come down.  Back then, my older cousin’s house has a large patch of land, there were vegetables of the seasons planted, cabbage, broccoli, in the sun of the winter season, it’s green, and so beautiful.

The vegetables were sprayed with agricultural poisons, tasted very sweet and delicious, the chickens they raised tasted great too, the rice gruel made from eight things would go down smooth.  Every dish we’d gotten to savor, my aunt and my older cousin planted.  There were fruits like lychee, longan, mango, and dragon fruits planted by the side, the very first time I saw the dragon fruit trees, I’d thought that my older cousin had planted cacti.

The sun set in the west, we’d had ten stems of broccoli, five cabbages, with two bags of broccoli flowers, a case of dried longan.  On the way home, we’d planned out, how, we were going to distribute these fresh produces.

We’d taken after Mulan, sent to the east markets, cabbages and oranges, and, gotten squids from Penghu in return; on the west markets, we’d delivered the broccoli and dried longan, with a strawberry cake to take with; in the southern markets, a basket of broccoli flowers, and, we got a bag of handmade dumplings.  We’d brought a lot there, and, brought a lot of other things home too, and so, we can only share it with the neighbors, the extra leafy vegetables, we’d pickled them.

In a year, the mobile vegetable truck would make five, or six rounds, I knew, that she is using the excuse of getting the produce, to pay her sister a visit.  My mother is over seventy, but her skin was still baby smooth, probably has to do with my eldest aunt’s loofa water, turns out, that natural IS the best, after all!

And this, is how this family stay connected, by giving the produce that were grown, and, through this picking up, delivering process, the family is able to connect with one another more and more, and, they’d gotten to enjoy some fresh produce too.


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