You Shouldn’t Have Any Romanticisms Toward Alzheimer’s Disease

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Forget all the pains, to restart again in life?

The film, “I Miss Myself”, because the actress won the best actress of Oscar, it’d left a huge impact and after effect, a lot of older men and women headed off into the theatres to watch, causing the sales of this movie to continue to rise, and, Alzheimer’s Disease also got its widened recognition by the societies.

The average age of man keeps on increasing, with the aging of the societies, Alzheimer’s Disease (or dementia) became the hot topic of discussion, and, there are, more and more elderly persons who are being diagnosed.

Awhile ago, someone mentioned, that although having Alzheimer’s Disease is tough, but at least, one can forget about the pains and sufferings of one’s own pasts, like life’s being redealt again, and that the patients have another chance to live all over again, so, they wouldn’t reject the onset of this illness, they’d  even, welcomed it.  The writer believes, however, that this sort of dreamy romanticism had overly beautified and bubble-wrapped Alzheimer’s Disease, and ignored the realities of having Alzheimer’s Disease.

This condition is due to illness of the brain, in the latter stage, the brain will clearly shrink in size, and the brains, due to the changes in the proteins, will cause an originally intelligent person to have alters in her/his personalities, to the point of becoming mentally retarded, to problems with speech and language, losing control over one’s bowel movements, to the point when one becomes completely, vegetative.  The patients in the end, would forget who they are, their families and loved ones, forget the world, although the pains of one’s past will be gone with the wind, but, the inability of taking care of one’s own daily needs would bring more troubles to the family and oneself, and, the society will be paying a huge price too.

“The spring brings about the bloom of the different flowers, the autumn has the moon, the gentle breezes graced the summers, the snows in the winter seasons”, there are bound, to be ups and downs in life, it’s not at all, easy, to forget the bad things that one’s been put through, but, one can start by forgiving others, and thus, release oneself, and one can easily find the mercies and the wisdoms of life in that.  And, there’s an exciting news, Professor Snowden who wrote, Aging Gracefully, used his longitudinal study of seventy-eight nuns, and found, that wisdom, clarity, and helping others can make the older adults live longer, healthier, and have more meaningful lives.

And so, you still didn’t JUST hear this from me, and, unless, you ARE a family member of someone who’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and had DEALT with the issues surrounding this illness of old age firsthand, you are still, just on the outside, looking in, which gives you NO clue, OR right to say that oh, Alzheimer’s is great, because you get to forget about everything that made you upset…


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