My Demented Second Aunt Never Seems to Run Out of Steam, the Family Members Took Shifts, Accompanying Her

On taking care of the demented elderly, translated…

A lot goes into caretaking of the demented elderly, the caretaker must be on call at all times, and, it not only takes the intellects, but also, the physiques as well.  My eighty-year-old second aunt, although she is demented, but she is still very mobile, and we’d often worried nonstop, that she might get lost when she headed out, and so, we must all, keep our eyes on her at all times.

Recently, my aunt’s personality changed, she’d become more and more suspicious, and, if the wind blows, she’d hollered, “Someone’s trying to get my purse, take him to the police station!”, it’d caused the family to feel more and more agitated, and, we’d all worried, that she might, with absolutely no reasons, scratch us.

My second aunt has an easily angered temperament, during the daytimes, she’s energetic, trekked around in the living room and bedroom, and, during the night, she’s just as energetic as she was during the daytime too.  My cousins, in order to take care of her, in case they were, to doze off, with the slightest carelessness, might cause my aunt to be hurt, and so, they’d replaced four separate locks on her front and backdoors, and they’d had to stay with her on shifts too, the siblings would separate into pairs, and, helped her to sleep during the nights, and, everybody got too tired, they’d all lost sleep and energy too.

In order to alleviate the burdens of caretaking, we’d all continually taken classes, took from the expert doctors’ advices, “Take them to socialize in the community, accompany them more, to slow down the progression of this illness, to reduce the chances of having the elders institutionalized.”, I hope, she will forget everything and feel happy about her life, as she continued, to finish this last part of her life.

And so, it’s still, very difficult, to take care of the demented elderly, and this elderly woman, she’d wandered off, and that, would be problematic for the family members, and, although, there are I.D. bracelets for the demented elderly to wear, but most of them don’t wear them, and so, the family members of this elderly woman had, taken shifts, to make sure, that their mother doesn’t wander off and get hurt.


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