Living in a State of Rewind with My Mother-in-Law

With a demented elderly again, on interactions with the in-laws, translated…

In these couple of years, returning back to the countryside, to accompany my demented mother-in-law, and weakening father-in-law became something my husband and I must do every single day after work.  Gladly, our two children are grown up, it’d allowed us to have the time and energy, to care for our aging parents.

Some say, that people in our age group should carry the responsibilities of caring for the parents, but, our generations beg to differ, we’d believed, that nursing homes are the places to be after we’re aged.  And, every time I’d thought to here, I’d always felt sad, but, how not to become burdens to our young, is a lessons, that we should be, working hard, to learn.

The population of the demented elderly seemed to be on the rise these days, there are, several of them, who’d come to visit my mother-in-law regularly.  I’d heard their conversations, and feel, that it was like, listening to a record being played over, and over again.  A would ask, “Did you eat?”, B replied, “I’m full, and you?”, A returned, “Because I ate, that, is why I’d come to visit you.”, and I sat, hearing them, rewind their conversations, over, over, and over again, and I’d counted it out in my mind, three times, four times………, and, maybe, we’d feel annoyed, but, think about it, carefully, this, is the frequency, to which the demented elderly talk.

Several times, when my mother-in-law was hanging out with demented elderly persons like herself, her originally dumbfounded look would all of a sudden, light up, maybe, they’re one another’s best audience, every conversation for them, became the very first time, and she’d gotten passionate responses, unlike how she’d conversed with my father-in-law, or us even, she’d often gotten our annoyed tones of voices and looks too.

It seems, that in order to make my mother-in-law happy, we must, accompany her, through her “rewinds” then.

Because the demented elderly have the tendencies to repeat the same stories over, over, over, and over again, those around them may get annoyed, having heard those tales so many times, but, if you put a group of demented elderly persons together, then, they’d gotten along quite well, because everything they’d told to each other, again, and again, and again, would be like the first time that they’re hearing it, so, this, is one more way, to keep the demented elderly socialized with the outside world.


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