She Who Always Gets What She Wants

Is it, fate, destiny, or, hard work, I wonder??? Translated…

Among us coworkers, Jane is somewhat a legend, because she’d always gone by the blueprints of her life, for example, her husband is a government employee, she wants to live in Taipei after she married, and, within a year of marriage, she wanted to get pregnant, she’d achieved it all. Even the birth of her second child, when the baby was due, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it all worked out, according to her wishes.

From before, I’d just thought that her good luck was a given, that she must’ve done something wonderful in a past life, for this lifetime, to work out so well, as she’d planned it to.

After I’d gotten to know Jane, I’d learned, that other than being blessed with good luck, she’d relied on her persistence and hard work. Unlike how we’re all wondering about life constantly, not finishing what we wanted to get done, Jane always knew, clearly, what she wants from life, and she’d set goals for her dreams, then, she’d taken step-by-step measures, to reach them. Just like how we viewed her, who is over thirty, she’d had two kids, consecutively, in order to get pregnant, she’d watched her diets on a regular basis, kept a regular schedule, and kept her ovulation schedules and found the right time to have sex with her husband, so much preparation had gone into her life, it’s a wonder, how everything worked out for her.

Jane’s story reminded us, to not just envy what others may have, and blame the heavens for being unfair, for giving all the good luck to someone else, and neglect to notice how others may have worked hard, in preparation of receiving the blessings of their own live too.

And so, what seemed to be the good fortunes, the blessings in this woman’s life, is actually what she’d worked very hard for, but, people often see how someone’s got it, without realizing, that hey, the person had put in the hard work, that, is why, they’re reaping the fruits of their hard labor…


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