With the Elderly Companion Volunteer’s Accompaniment, the Asian-Korean Woman Was Able to Get Out of the Darkness

Kindness, still rolls around here, in this world of ours, from the Papers, translated…

The seventy-four year-old Chinese-Korean woman, Yi-Jen Ni-Dong after her husband and son passed, and she herself had been diagnosed with bone cancer, her life fell into the lows, the man in charge of her borough, Chou helped her apply for two elderly companions, slowly, she’d gotten her original optimism back again, and, had from time to time, make Korean kimchi to give to her neighbors.

Yi-Jen Ni-Dong, at age thirty-eight, followed her parents to Taiwan, after she married, she had a son, but her son died in a car crash when she was just eighteen, her husband also became bedridden, there were over five years in her life when she’d gone from her home and the nursing home, to look after her husband, until he’d died three years ago.

After her husband died, Yi-Jen Ni-Dong lost the center of her life instantaneously, locked herself up at home for a long time, after Chou realized this, he’d called up the elderly volunteer coordinator, Chen and Cho for the Social Services Department of Hsinbei City, the two ladies had accompanied the elderly woman to parks for exercise, gone on shopping trips to the local marketplaces, and, Ni-Dongn slowly walked out of the shadows of her own life, she’s grateful for the kindness shown by the volunteers.

Chen said, that Grandma Ni used to say, how she hated to impose, that she must take good care of herself, but, she rarely turned on the television, the house became so quiet, and her temperament became more withdrawn too, but, after their accompaniment and counseling her, she’d started becoming more and more optimistic again, and got that smile back too, she is very happy for the elderly woman.

Cho said, that she’d gotten a kidney transplant, and had wanted to give something back to the community, with the interactions with Grandma In, the volunteering had made her life even more meaningful.

And so, this, is a program that benefitted BOTH the volunteers and the receivers, because the person who gets accompanied by the volunteers no longer feel so alone, and the volunteers get to get a firsthand experience of how wonderful it is, to change someone’s life, to make a difference, in the lives of others too.


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