When You’d Lost the Passions for What You Do

This, is all about what DRIVES a person here!!!

When you’d lost the passions for what you do, because you’d worked in your jobs, for god knows how long, and, maybe, at the very start of your careers, you’d come in (to the workforce), with FULL zest, FULL energy, but, day, after day, AFTER day, AFTER day, it’s the same old grind, and eventually, what you loved doing, got turned, into a TOTAL drag, but by now, you’d become, so totally settled into your jobs, that, you just don’t feel like, and can find the motivations, for change, what, do you do?

When you’d lost the passion for what you do, I get, that having the passions for something is NOT the most important thing there is, I mean, take a look around, at ALL those dead artists (no offense!) who’d NEVER gained fame, until AFTER they’d died, if they’d lost the passions for what they do (which is ART!!!), then, would we have, so many great pieces, on display, in the museums out there?  No!

When you wake up in the morning, and feel, that you’re obligated, to go to work, then, you’d lost that love for what you’re doing, but, because what you really loved doing, well, let’s just say, that it does NOT pay your bills at ALL, and so, you still get dressed, and head to work, and, at work, as you thought about how much you HATED it, and yet, you’d had to, keep on, comin’ back to the same old grind, DAY, after DAY, after D-A-Y…

Point is: if you’d lost the passions for what you do, then, maybe, it’s time, that you considered, changing, to another job, because if you don’t, you will end up, getting, BURNT out, and who knows, you just might develop a case of anxiety, or even, depression too, and, DOWN goes your mental health!


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