Beautifying the Parks, Everybody Chips in

It’s a collective effort, because we share this common hang-out environment, translated…

Since was younger, I’d been a green thumb, I’d planted various kinds of flowers and grasses, bonsais, and I’d even set up a small pond, to keep the fishes.  I’d made the entry to my house into a small garden, placed a few pottery there, with the Japanese vine climbing all over, the multicolor flowers bloomed at the same time, it look so lively, and it’d lightened my mood.

After I’d started leading the way, my neighbors followed my footsteps, and, our whole alley now whiffed of floral aromas, and looked very much alive.

Many years ago when I retired, I didn’t want to stay at home, other than volunteering, and taking enrichment courses, I’d also entered into the training for beautifying the environment of our neighborhoods, and received the beginners’ and progressive level certifications. And took what I learned, applied it to my life.

I saw how the park in our community, because it’d not been fixed up, had lost its original appeal, plus the equipments are getting old, and, was in desperate need of being remodeled, and I’d gotten the thought of “why not beautify it?”

In order to get the cohesiveness of the community going, the community had a naming contest, after we’d set up the names for the park, the small hill, the resting place, we’d taken ideas from everybody, started planting the flowers, the grasses, and, set up a windmill too, to make a logo, to show the difference of our community compared to the rest of other communities.

Then, every member of the community chipped in, first, they’d worked together, to clean up the mess, then, the fixer-upper.  The paints on the slides, along with other children’s play equipment are peeling off, we’d repainted the items, and had the art experts, to make cartoon prints; the seating of the small shack was broken, we’d upped the foundation, to make sure, that it was safe for people to rest there.

It was, in the dead of summer that we’d all started working on it, our sweats fell like the rain, but, none of us complained of how hard the work was, or how tired we were getting.  After a few month’s time, the park regained its shiny colors, the floor was cleaned, the equipments, fixed up property, and, we’d finally seen the sweet fruits of our labor.  Seeing how the residents would come when they have time, strolling, the parents, with the children to play, it’d made all the hard work, the sweats, more than worthwhile.

The day that the remodeling was finished, we’d even held a concert under the trees, had the school band come to perform, and treated the residents to free coffee and snacks, to enjoy the music.  At which time, the gentle breezes came, with the music, sounding so softly in our ears, feels like heaven on earth!

Because you saw the need, and, started taking the initiative to make the improvements, and, people were infected by your passion, your zest, your drive, and they started working alongside you too, and, because you all worked together, that, was why this “collective effort” felt fruitful, it’d brought the community closer together, and, it’d beautified the environment too.


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